Elliott Barenthin MUSIC

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Elliott has been playing piano since he was 4 years old. He has had a love for jazz even in his early years studying the Royal Conservatory of Music program.

During his high school years,  he shared his love for jazz with audiences through various solo and ensemble performances. He was the pianist for the King City Secondary School Jazz Improv Combo Ensemble (invited in grade 8), a guest performer at Michelle Mele's Inaugural Sunburst Festival, the Friday night pianist at Port Soire, Schomberg, ON and volunteered to play the piano at Hogan's Inn Restaurant, King City, ON on Friday nights (grade 8).

Elliott never passes up the opportunity to play a piano, including airports and underground parking garages (yes, they can be found in Europe!). 

Prior to the pandemic, Elliott provided weekly entertainment at a local retirement residence where he had a regular audience. Now that pandemic restrictions have lifted, he has returned and can be heard in the atrium every Sunday afternoon.